It is so great to be in classes with Noriko as the instructor.  She has such good insight to how to best handle each dog.  She takes in account the ability of the handler and what the dog can offer.  I'm one lucky person.  Shirley with Harlie, Stormie and Cricket

*~*~*~ BRAGS!! ~*~*~*
Hi Everyone,  Today, Cricket passed the therapy dog tests for the BARK program.  She did such a great job.  She wasn't sure about the noisy walker, the skateboarder going by or the cheese she had to walk by.  Other than that, she passed with flying colors.  I'm proud of her.

Last weekend, we were at Santa Fe Dam area for the DART USDAA trial.  Cricket, Harlie and Stormie did great.  All 3 qualified in standard (PIII or Vet), Harlie and Cricket qualified in Grand Prix and Speed Jumping.  Harlie and Cricket collected some other qualifiers.  It was so much fun.  They make me laugh.
Shirley Russell and Cricket attended the 2010 AKC Invitational and represented the Pumi.  Watch her JWW Saturday run.

Dec. 26 and 27, 2013, we were at Stone Pony for an AKC trial.  Cricket earned a double Q which is number 17 towards her MACH 3.  Harlie and Stormie each earned a double Q.  Glad that Noriko taught us the "go on" command because it saved my butt several times.  Working to earn enough double Q's and points for the 2015 AKC Nationals in Reno. 


Misha did great in 2009 Cynosport World Games at Scottsdale, AZ. It was her retirement event with the venue. She ran all her classes clean and even got 4th place in 16" height class Snooker. 

November 2009,  Gracie earned her 2nd JWW leg this weekend and has 1 leg in Standard as we start our agility career in AKC.  Gracie is owned and handled by Fran Sonnet.

On 8/22/09 Gremmie, a BMD finished his OA title with a first place with a perfect score and 6 seconds under time.  Gremmie is owned and handled by Jean Morris

3/21 & 22 AKC show at Woodley Park
  David and Jo Anne Campman with Rosie got Q with 1st place in JWW both days. It was        their first agility show. Great job guys!!
     From March 7th / HIDAC Woodley park
    Margret with Laci got 1st place in Novice JWW 12" height class!

                 Contact Point USDAA show Feb 2009
                 Shirley with Storm wins PSJ  8" hight class Round 2!

Noriko is proud to brag that at the 2008 USDAA Nationals in Scottsdale, AZ. Misha and her teammate, Streak placed 3rd in Versatility Relay and 1st in Versatility overall.
Misha made in Finals of Performance Speed Jumping in 16" height class. 

  In 2003 Noriko adopted an 8 months old rescue female Aussie and named her "Scandal". Scandal lives in Japan now with Noriko's Japanese student Miss Watarai. About a month ago Noriko received email from Miss Watarai saying Tsuki (Scandal's new name) and she are coming to 2008 Cynosport World Game (USDAA Nationals) in Scottsdale, AZ. They earned a spot to represent Team Japan!! 

  Deborah is proud to brag that Gigi her Rat Terrier earned her AKC MACH on June 27, 2008. Shortly after that at an USDAA trial, Gigi won the Performance Speed Jumping class and won a check! This was very exciting as Gigi is a steady dog, not a super fast one, and speed is something that Deborah and Gigi have been working on with Noriko. Gigi has won PSJ before, but only when everyone else made errors. This time was special because Gigi won her height class because she was the fastest dog with a clean run that day.

October 2, 2008 - Several of Norikos students put on a demo for the city of Manhattan Beach's Pet Appreication day.