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Agility and Obedience training classes for all levels by trainer Noriko Aso . Her methods and training focus on handler/dog relationships help propel some of her students to the top levels of AKC, USDAA and other agility venues. She is pleased to be able to offer classes that include puppy foundation, beginning through advanced handling and training. She also offers specialized series focusing on specific issues several times a year (weaves, obedience for agility, contact drills) in addition to private training sessions for one-on-one training. These special classes can be taught online. 

Noriko currently teaches in So Cal and  is a well-known competitor at
AKC and USDAA events, where she has earned some of the highest titles available and has earned the privilege of representing her dogs jump height in more than one national final round event. 



Comments from her students include:

I admire the way that Norkio respects a dogs basic nature and intelligence, and allows them to think and actively control much of their learning. They aren’t forced to do anything—they want to. This is especially important in agility, where speed and initiative is important, and it also makes my dogs very proud of themselves, and eager to do show off each new skill.- Diane, Long Beach, CA (Cairn Terriers Seamus & Fionn)


Noriko has helped several of my dogs overcome some major issues. For example, one of my dogs was TERRIBLE at the weaves. In AKC Agility, you can’t Q without doing the weaves correctly. We took a weave pole series of classes with Norkio and at the end of it, he had very reliable weaves and in short order became an AKC Agility champion. Because of that positive experience I have multiple dogs ranging from puppies to agility champions (not only my own dogs, but those of clients too) training in her classes. I also often refer others to her when they are looking for a great agility trainer. -Deborah, Harbor City, CA (Rat Terriers Gigi & Rickie Roo, Sheltie Perry, All American Magi + several clients dogs)


We enjoy the way Noriko is able to analyze a problem and divide it into smaller pieces which can be worked on to solve the problem. Max is our first dog that we have trained with Noriko. He is a 3 and 1/2 year old Vizsla who lives in Palos Verdes and is an extremely active, loving and fast moving dog with lots of spirit. He is a real challenge to keep up with.- Bob, Palos Verdes, CA (Viszla Max)



I’ve taken agility classes from Noriko for a number of years with my 2 mixed breed dogs. I recently added a new puppy to the pack and we were faced with a few minor behavior problems, We put the puppy in a series of private lessons right away so those minor issues didn’t become major ones and it worked. She was very patient with both handler and dog and I am happy to say our issues are resolved and we are now moving forward with training for her promising agility career.- Carla, San Pedro, CA (All Americans Mojo, Magi & Kokomo)


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